Notefy is an application which enables you to send out custom email notifications based on the results of SQL queries.


  • Powerful scheduling lets you send the emails at any time.
  • Every field from your SQL query becomes a parameter that can be used in the body and contact of the email, or as the recipient of the email.
  • Support for any addition SQL queries to run before and after the email notifications have been sent.
  • Emails sent can optionally be archived for later reference or resending.
  • PDF, Excel, and CSV attachments can be processed with each notification.
  • Support for multiple users, permission based.
  • Set up customized permission groups for your users.
  • Set up email contacts statically or based on a field of a SQL query.
  • Server/Client application.
  • Support for multiple data sources.Supports any ODBC compliant database.

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