Toolsched brings out the full power of Millet Software’s Visual Cut and Modal Logic’s Document Workflow software.  


General Use

  • Simplifies the scheduling process of Visual Cut reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with Visual Cut.
  • Multi-user, client/server application.


  • Create Visual Cut command line strings with arguments with style and ease
  • No longer any need for cumbersome batch files
  • Easily add Visual Cut report tasks to existing schedules and report collections
  • Create both simple and complex schedules
  • Create unique schedules once and apply many times to Report Tasks
  • Easily synchronizes with Visual Cut
  • Add existing schedules on the fly with existing items
  • Easily group tasks or schedules
  • Easily search for reports or schedules
  • Select command lines with ease
  • Multiple users can manage both schedules and tasks
  • Run Toolsched on any workstation or server on the network domain

Other Key Features

  • Backup and Restore Toolsched, Visual Cut settings, and Crystal Reports.

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  • I have been working with Modal Logic Business Solutions now for many years, they are an incredible team of highly skilled and highly focused individuals and have helped our company increase profitability and reduce workflow headaches.

    - Andy

  • The patience they have shown with my never ending questions has really helped us get the program set up in a way that best suits our business requirements


  • helped me very quickly & exactly what I needed, read my thoughts ahead of time


  • He was able to fix the problem quickly and was easy to deal with.


  • Dave is a very good instructor. Willing to take the time needed to understand all processes.


  • David was very helpful in solving my issues.


  • Always helpful! Excellent.