Toolsched brings out the full power of Millet Software’s Visual Cut and Modal Logic’s Document Workflow software.  


General Use

  • Simplifies the scheduling process of Visual Cut reports
  • Integrates seamlessly with Visual Cut.
  • Multi-user, client/server application.


  • Create Visual Cut command line strings with arguments with style and ease
  • No longer any need for cumbersome batch files
  • Easily add Visual Cut report tasks to existing schedules and report collections
  • Create both simple and complex schedules
  • Create unique schedules once and apply many times to Report Tasks
  • Easily synchronizes with Visual Cut
  • Add existing schedules on the fly with existing items
  • Easily group tasks or schedules
  • Easily search for reports or schedules
  • Select command lines with ease
  • Multiple users can manage both schedules and tasks
  • Run Toolsched on any workstation or server on the network domain

Other Key Features

  • Backup and Restore Toolsched, Visual Cut settings, and Crystal Reports.